The first love of Dionysus (the Latin Bacchus), according to a myth from the fifth century C.E., was a boy named Ampelus. The two wrestled, swam, and hunted together. Ampelus befriended animals, and one day encountering a bull, he mounted it, only to be thrown from it, gored, and killed. The god was heartbroken and shed his first tears, and was comforted only on learning that the beloved body would turn into the vine.

This metamorphic consequence of male-male love both gave the world wine and enabled Dionysus to fulfill his destiny to be its god.

A white man carries a black girl on his shoulders during a march with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Alabama, ca. 1965.

//H I G H S C H O O L//[ listenno sitting in the back of the bus for you, kiddo. you gotta earn that.


Game of Politics: It’s 2014 and Robert Baratheon is Prime Minister of Westeros.

Idris Elba as Robert Baratheon, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Stannis Baratheon and Anthony Mackie as Renly Baratheon.

'Achterland' Dasha Denisenko photographed by Boris Ovini for A Magazine