Ben Waters in The Same But Different
Letty Schmiterlow  for Man About Town S/S 2014

tape skirt



Wonderzine. Swimwear

Pavel Samokhvalov


Adrien Sahores

Photo by Justin Wu / Edit by EDL

"Part of what is wonderful about acting is new experiences, but it doesn’t leave much room for anything else in your life. My ideal downtime is any downtime! but when I do get a chance to stop for a minute, I spend it with family and friends. Being with the people I love is the best way to be me.”

New Dorp, New York
SBTRKT feat. Ezra Koenig

New Dorp, New York - SBTRKT feat. Ezra Koenig


Timur Simakov by Maud Maillard - D’SCENE Magazine

mythology meme:  [2/3] mythical rulers

↳ alf of denmark and alfhild of geatland

Alfhild was the daughter of the Geatish king Siward; Alf was a Danish prince who wanted her hand in marriage and managed to pass the initial test of strength. Alfhild, however, had no desire to marry him then and there, and fled from home, electing to become a shield-maiden instead. She assembled a fleet of many ships with female crews and raided along the coasts of the Baltic sea. Eventually, Alf caught up with her near the shores of Finland, and she decided to lay down her weapons and go with Alf. 


i made an aesthetic generator now you can discover urself

I wonder if he’s just totally insane, or he really thinks the bus is coming?